Sharco Technology is an Internet service provider (ISP) and software development company exclusively licensing and marketing Sharco brand web framework, a complete website management tool. Our plans below are designed to help businesses and individuals keep their websites displaying up to date information and in the eyes of the major search engines. All of our products and product plans listed below, not only keep you current, they can be used to add functionality to websites. All of our web framework tools (control panels) are customized to your specific Internet site. It is our goal to have you as customers for years to come. Our plans and features are listed below:

The CONTENT MANAGEMENT tool controls all of the web site pages as to text and image content.  You can easily change prices, dates, product description, add an image etc. all in a single control panel. You can create new content then assign it to a new page on your website. under the Content Management tool, each page is dynamically generate and "named" to maximize search visibility.  It incorporates enhanced local (regional) visibility, by automatically generating pages based on geographic town names.  Each site automatically participates in our in house search engine optimization program.  The complete plan cost $495.00. With web site configeration costing $250-$1000. Hosting at $14.95 monthly. Content Management is a server based application.

The PHOTO GALLERY creation tool includes all Content Management features, and focuses on uploading, resizing and rotating multiple files of pictures to a web site. This tool allows you to create and manage a large number of images on your website. You can upload individual pictures or groups of pictures with a single click. The uploading page will automatically make 3 copies of each image in 3 different sizes for use in different parts of your site. The Photo Gallery utilizes image folders to organize images as individual pictures or a groups of pictures. This allows you to create multiple photo galleries, then attach folders of pictures to the same or different galleries. You can also share photo galleries between different web sites, even if they have a different look or content. You can add two lines of description per image or none at all. It's easy and it's all up to you. The complete Photo Gallery plan cost $595.00, with web site configeration costing $250-$1000. Hosting at $19.95 monthly. Photo Gallery is a server based application.

The ONLINE CATALOG creation tool included all Content Management and Photo Gallery features. With this powerful control panel you will be able to create a fully integrated on-line presentation of your product, service, etc. You will have the power of the Sharco Technology image up-loader and be able to display an enlarged image of each item with a simple click.  Text creation is made easy with the content management tool.  In the Online Catalog tool you will be able to customize three main fields specific to your catalog offering. As an example: The item name, a short description (10-20 words), and a long HTML-Enhanced description, virtually unlimited in length.  There are also numerical fields relating to weight, width, height, depth (or length) and price. It can be used for the creation of any type of catalog: jewelry, fabric, artwork, ceramic tiles, etc. permitting the viewer to see different sizes as well as different views of the same image. This tool can be used for placing an image on any part of the web site. Because the catalog pages will be dynamically created Sharco dedicates a single page per item for better search engine visibility.  The complete Online Catalog plan cost $795.00, with web site configeration costing $250-$1000. Hosting $24.95 per month. Online Catalog is a server based application.

The E-COMMERCE package allows you to sell whatever you want from your website and receive payment for the sale electronically. E-Commerce includes all of the features in Content Management, Photo Gallery and the Online Catalog. With this tool you will have Sharco's exclusive shopping cart that has the ability to add multiple items/quantities to the cart, or remove items before check out. With a virtual receipt your customer will have a detailed account of the content of the cart always visible on the side of each page. The tool provides exact UPS shipping rates and can be integrated with other shipping carriers if desired. The system adds taxes (if applicable) and handling rates you provide for the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. Our e-commerce features can be adapted for companies that need precise packaging information and calculation or exclusion for certain zip codes (in the case of alcoholic beverages). It allows for the addition of Bonus Items, which can be grouped in any number of ways, such as "Buy this item and get another for a discount or for free, etc. The shopping cart will be integrated with the PayPal check out system for payment. The complete E-Commerce package cost $995.00, with web site configeration costing $250-$1000. Hosting at $29.95 per month. E-Commerce is a server based application.

We guarantee the POWER you need, the SECURITY you expect and the REDUNDANCY you require.

The power of Tier 1 fiber, in a dedicated secure climate controlled facility providing facility-level redundancy for Internet transit, backed by both AC and DC power plants. All this and our servers are located at the epicenter for fiber and Telecom carriers adjacent to Tier 1 fiber carriers, At&t, Level 3, Cox, Cogent and Verizon.


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